Welcome to the landing page for Morello Linux

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Morello is a research program led by Arm in association with partners and funded by the UKRI as part of the UK government Digital Security by Design (DSbD) programme. It defines a new prototype security architecture based on CHERI (Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions).

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A DSbD technology platform prototype (the Morello board) provides a SoC implementation of the architecture. This was created to enable software developers and researchers to explore real-world use cases and inform future development.


Code repositories for Morello Linux environments


Architecture specifications, hardware reference manuals, community forum, etc.


This website is the home page for research on Capability aware Morello Linux environments. To learn more please refer to our Morello Linux documentation.

The Morello platform is supported by a number of evolving RTOS/OS environments at different stages of maturity. CheriBSD is implemented and hosted separately by the University of Cambridge and SRI International and includes a memory-safe kernel, userspace and various example frameworks. The CHERI OS-feature matrix includes more information on features implemented by Morello Linux and CheriBSD operating systems.

Development Platforms

Morello Hardware Development Platform

The Morello hardware development platform is now available to organizations involved in defined research activities. Access to the platform is managed by the UK government’s Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Technology Access Programme.

To get started please refer to our Morello User Guide.

Morello Platform Model

The Morello Platform Model is an open access FVP (Fixed Virtual Platform) implementation aligned with the development board. It is available to download from Arm’s Ecosystem FVP Developer page.

FVPs use Arm binary translation technology to create a register level functional model of system hardware (including processor, memory and peripherals) that can be run as an executable in a development environment. They implement a programmer’s view model suitable for software development, enabling execution of full software stacks on a widely available platform.

To get started please refer to our Morello Get Started Guide.

Support and Contributions

The Morello Gitlab and associated issues trackers are intended to enable Open Source Software development - supporting engineering contributions and targeted defects and patches relating to specific component projects. We welcome engineering collaboration.

To start contributing to our software ecosystem based on Capability aware Linux please refer to our Contributrion Process or for generic queries send and email to linux-morello@op-lists.linaro.org.

Wider support queries and questions should be raised via Arm’s Morello forum

For questions specific to the CheriBSD environment visit https://www.cheribsd.org/